6 Easy Ways To Start Investing With Little Money

People who are new to the investment can start investing little money to avoid higher risks. If you have $2000, you can invest $25, which is entirely risk-free. Most people don’t have much money for investment, so they can opt for spending little money. Let us discuss some simple six ways to start investing with little money. 

Real Estate Crowdfunding

One can start investing money in real estate, and the money you need is not much. This is a new category of investment known as real estate crowdfunding. Using crowdfunded real estate, one can invest a little money of $ 500.

So, how to start investing in real estate? You can invest your money along with your team of real estate investors’ money. This will form a pool of money that your team can use to buy some real estate properties. Now, you become a partial partner of the properties. Whatever profits that the team earns through selling these real estate properties get shared with the whole team. This means you will get a good share or profit from selling these properties. 


Some people don’t like hiring a human investment manager, as they want to spend some money on it. So it is better to go with Robo-advisor, where the service spreads your investments automatically to various investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, etc. Here the computer software takes care of the whole thing. This seems to be the best way to invest money.

You can start investments with little money at $100. It serves as a great option for investors to avoid spending large money on investments. This way of investing is also easier to access your money back.

You may doubt how Robo-advisors work? Robo-advisors work in the best way, and the service asks the investor for simple questions. It will help the Robo-advisor to determine your goal and where to invest your money. Now, it will invest your money in stocks and bonds where it requires only minimum cost. Robo-advisors use some step-by-step procedures to maintain a balance in your portfolio. 

Put Your Money In Low-Initial-Investment Mutual Funds

Another type of popular investment is a mutual fund. But there is a problem with the mutual fund for low-cost investors, as you need to invest a large amount of money initially. It is like in the range between $500 and $5000. It doesn’t work for those first-time investors. This is not the case in all mutual fund companies, as some companies allow you to invest the minimum amount initially. This is nothing but the automatic monthly investments, which are of range $50 to $ 100. This type of investing is much common in ETF IRA accounts, but less common in taxable accounts. 

Enroll In Your Employer’s Retirement Plan

Sometimes, you may face a tight budget for which the best option is to enrol in your employer retirement plan. Start investing a small amount in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Start your investment at 1% of your total salary, and increase each year gradually. This will increase your contribution, and you will get good returns. Start with 1%, and increase to 2% of your pay, then 3% of your pay to increase your contribution. When your annual pay increases, you can still increase the percentage of investment yearly like 2% per year. This will also provide a great contribution after your retirement. 

Play It Safe With Treasury Securities

Most small investors don’t begin their investment options with U.S. Treasury securities. Here the people won’t become rich so earlier, but the invested money is safe here. Your invested money earns some good interest until you avoid facing higher risks or higher investments.

Treasury security is known as a Savings bond. One can buy the bonds using the U.S. Treasury’s online savings bond portal. This portal is a treasury direct where investors can buy fixed-rate bonds. Bonds have maturity periods between 30 days and 30 years. If you have a question, how to start investing, you can choose this platform. But ensure that you are using this platform safe with minimum investments. 

Gold And Other Precious Metals

When you invest in precious metals like gold, silver, etc. you can get a good payoff. The best option is to invest in precious metals if you have enough money for investment. Metals are tangible products, and their price may increase in the future, which helps you to get a good return. In the past three decades, the price of gold went up to 300%. This may show how good to invest in metals like gold. Some people find it risky to buy metals, but it seems to be a viable investment option. So, you can invest in precious metals through brokerage services.

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