Travel Credit Cards

Importance of Having a Travel Credit Card

We all know that credit cards are the most convenient form of payment. It can be used for both online and offline transactions. Apart from this, credit cards carry reward points that can be redeemed for a number of things. Such benefits of credit cards make it advantageous to carry it while travelling.

Banks and financial institutions issue travel credit card for making travel all more comfortable. Read through the article to know about credit cards for travellers.

Meaning of Travel Credit Card

Travel cards are specifically designed credit cards for easy travelling. They act as rewarding a card that enables free travel. It also helps members achieve elite status with specific hotels, restaurants and even airlines. A travel credit card varies from normal cards in terms of redeeming points.

How does a Travel Credit Card Work?

The working of travel credit cards is similar to that of traditional credit cards. These cards act as a reward card. The cards points earn airline miles or hotel points. The points so earned can be redeemed in a specific place as detailed in the card program. The airline miles collected in the card can be redeemed for tickets and hotel points for the stay.

What is the importance of having a travel credit card?

Credit card for travellers are very important as they offer various benefits. As mentioned above, travel cards carry reward points that can be redeemed at different places. In addition to this, other benefits and the importance of using a travel credit card are as follows:

Protected payment plan

Payment made towards flight and other travel things is protected by this card. Usually, in case of a bad situation when flights get cancelled, you are protected by the travel card. Repayment of cancelled flights and adding of rewards flying is easily made.

The protected payment plan of these also offers you additional safety. It protects against situations when you lose the card. In simple words, it protects the cardholder against theft.

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being able to afford the next trip

One other importance of travel card is that it earns a reward. Every single payment you make using the card earns you points. These points can be redeemed for cash or miles. In the case of miles, the cardholder can use it to buy tickets for the next trip.

The percentage of the number of earnings using the travel card varies. It is based on the plan that your purchase and the institution guidelines.

Travel insurance

This is the most important aspect of credit cards for travelers is insurance. Travel insurance is a must visiting foreign countries. A good number of credit cards provide insurance with the package of purchasing the card. Travel insurance protects the cardholder in times of emergency. But at the same time know what you’re covered for with the card. For this request for a PDS from the authority that issued you the credit card.

You can get upgrades

With the points accumulated on the card, you can get an upgrade. When redeeming the travel point’s on the card you can either buy a new ticket or upgrade an existing one. This is also true for hotel rooms. The points for hotel purchases can be used to upgrade the room.

Concierge service

The last important reason for having a travel credit card is the concierge service. Leading a busy life makes it difficult to run all errands. In such a case, any help is welcomed. Many travel credit cards include concierge service that takes care of a number of things relating to travel.

Best travel credit cards

Now that we have understood the importance of having a travel credit card let’s see the best travel credit cards. Here is the list of best travel cards that you can consider:

Axis bank Insta easy card

The first best travel credit card on our list is from Axis bank. This card is considered as the best in the market for travelling. But a deposit of at least 20,000 rupees is required for using it. This card doesn’t include an annual fee or income requirement. It earns points at a rate of 1.2 per cent.

Jet Privilege HDFC Diners Club Card

This card is suitable for travel that prefers booking flights on intermingles. The card earns rewards at a whopping rate of 4.8 per cent. The card also offers an attractive sign up and renewal bonus to the holders.

Apart from this Citi premiermiles, BOB premiere and Yatra SBI travel cards are also good.

Bottom Line

Travel credit card is the best and most useful means of payment while travelling. This type of card makes paying for things like tickets and hotels easy. At the same time, they earn rewards on each expense. And reward points can be used for availing different services.

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