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Can You Take Out 2 Personal Loans At The Same Time?

One of the most popular types of loans is a personal loan. You have an advantage with the personal loan, as you will get lower interest rates when compared to other consumer loans. Also, a personal loan involves a steady monthly payment. It provides a clear payoff date to pay your monthly payments. Personal loans also allow you to take out two personal loans at the same time. But you will think about whether it is possible to take out multiple loans at the same time. Let us discuss them briefly in this article.

Whether you can take out multiple personal loans at once?

You will ask the Lender, “Can I get 2 loans at the same time?” The good news is you can get two personal loans at once, and there is no rule to reject your two personal loans application.

Also, you can even take out multiple loans at the same time. Different lenders follow different rules and restrictions. Some lenders may provide you with multiple loans while other lenders decline them. But the process includes a certain waiting period to get your second personal loan. Sometimes, you need to clear a certain number of monthly instalments of your first loan to get approval for your second loan.

One more doubt is that, “Can you get 2 loans from the same bank?” Yes, you can get 2 loans from the same Lender for which the Lender checks certain factors to approve your second loan. You can also go for taking personal loans from different lenders at the same time. But ensure that, you should get qualified for the approval, which is entirely based on your financial status. It doesn’t matter whether you borrow multiple debts from the same banks or the different lenders, as it entirely depends on you to meet certain requirements of the lenders.

How Many Personal Loans Can You Have At Once?

You can get one to three personal loans from the same banks at once. But this factor depends on the Lender you choose for getting multiple loans. Also, there is no limit for you to apply for multiple personal loans at the same time from different lenders. But to qualify for a second personal loan, the Lender may check your existing debt. If the existing debt is too high, then the Lender may reject your application for sure. Thus, there are certain things that you need to consider applying for your second personal loan.

Impact on Personal Finances

One has to clear the loans as soon as possible. When you get an additional loan, it will increase your monthly debt instalments, and thus, you can’t save anything.

Higher Interest Rate

When you take out multiple loans at the same time, it will increase the default probability rate. Thus, you will get your second loan at a higher rate of interest which will act as additional compensation. This leads to creating greater risks for your financial backgrounds.

Additional Documentation

Getting multiple loans at the same time is like taking additional risks. The Lender understands the risk involved in providing multiple loans at the same time and hence, asks for additional documents as proof. The Lender wants to know whether you have enough financial safety to repay the loan.

Debt Cycle

After taking out multiple debts at the same time, you may find yourself getting trapped inside a debt cycle. It is better to ask some suggestions from your loan consultant, whether it is good to take a second personal loan. With too many monthly EMIs, you will always think about debt repayments without any end. So, check for any alternatives to avoid seeking a second personal loan.

Credit Score

Nowadays, banks or lenders check for the credit score of the applicant to approve the loan. In case, if you delayed the payment of your earlier loans, your credit score would become a bad score. This will affect your loan approval. Also, taking multiple loans may affect your credit score a lot. This will make it challenging for you to get a second personal loan.

Assets and Liabilities

Analyze your assets and liabilities before applying for a second personal loan. In most cases, it is not possible, but still, your assets should exceed your liabilities to get loan approval. In case, if you can’t pay your monthly loan instalments, your assets will help you to manage it. Your liabilities also help to analyze the capacity to take out a second personal loan and repay the same.


The debt to your income ratio also helps you in applying for a second personal loan. Lenders analyze this ratio to approve your multiple loans or even reject your loan application. Hence, it is better to avoid taking out multiple personal loans and look out for other alternatives to manage your expenses.

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