To begin with, RTO Ahmedabad is a regional transport office in the state of Gujarat. The office is responsible for the management and control of various vehicle-related activities. In other words, Ahmedabad RTO is a government organization in Gujarat. It takes care of issuing licenses, permits and registration numbers.

Read through the article to learn more about RTO Ahmedabad vehicle registration details. Further, the RTO Ahmedabad website can also be referred to for more information.

List of RTO offices in Ahmedabad

In the first place, RTO Circle Ahmedabad consists of two offices. The information about Gujarat RTO Ahmedabad is listed below. Further, the information will include RTO Ahmedabad contact number, code and timing.

  1. The first RTO office in Ahmedabad is located in Subhash Bridge. Further, the code of RTO Subhash Bridge Ahmedabad is GJ01. It is open between 10:30 A.M to 6:00 P.M. Furthermore, the RTO office can be contacted at 91-79-27559696.
  2. The second RTO office in Ahmedabad is located on the East side of the city. It is located at Mahadev Nagar Tekra in Vastral, Ahmedabad. Further, RTO Ahmedabad number is 91-79-27559695 and code GJ27.

Both the offices mentioned above provide services relating to the issue of license and vehicle registration. Further, RTO Ahmedabad online appointment for a driving license is available.

Functions of RTO offices in Ahmedabad

The list of significant functions of RTO offices in Ahmedabad are as follows:

  • Issue of license and permits: The RTO office is entrusted with the function of issuing driving and learning licenses. Today RTO Ahmedabad online appointment for learning license can be taken online. Further, candidates applying for a license can take RTO Ahmedabad online test.
  • Registration of vehicles: The next important function of the RTO office is the registration of vehicles. After registration, the RTO office issues RC with the registration number. Further, the starting digit of the Ahmedabad RTO registration number is GJ. The letter GJ stands for Gujarat, the state in which the vehicle is registered. Lastly, RTO Ahmedabad RC book status can be checked online. Furthermore, candidates applying for licenses and registration can find the application form online. RTO Ahmedabad online application form service has made life easy.
  • Issuing the Permit: The third function of the RTO office in Ahmedabad is an issue of the permit. RTO office in Ahmedabad is responsible for issuing the permit to private and commercial vehicles.
  • Vehicles inspection and revenue collection: Lastly, the RTO is responsible for the inspection of vehicles and revenue collection.

RTO Registration charges in Ahmedabad

Registering vehicles is mandatory in India. Further, all vehicles have to be registered at the RTO office. For registration, the office charges a fixed fee. Furthermore, vehicle owners must fill the Ahmedabad RTO challan to pay the fee. The fee amount charged by RTO Ahmedabad for registration is as follow:

  1. The registration charge for all cars – 600
  2. Cars purchased under loan – 1,500
  3. RTO Ahmedabad number plate charges – 230 to 400
  4. Parking fee for cars under 4 lakhs – 2000 and 4000 rupees for cars above 4 lakhs (if applicable)
  5. Finally, temporary registration charges – 1200 t0 1500

Also, vehicle owners can get RTO Ahmedabad choice number for their cars by paying extra fees.

Types of Driving License issued in RTO Ahmedabad

One of the main functions of the RTO office in Ahmedabad is issuing the license. Further, candidates applying for a license must fill the form and take a test.  RTO Ahmedabad online appointment for the license is also available. In case you need help, an RTO agent in the Ahmedabad office can be approached. Furthermore, types of driving license issued by the office are as follow:

  1. License for motorcycle with an engine capacity of up-to-50cc
  2. Motorcycle with gear license
  3. Driving license for two-wheel vehicles without gear
  4. Issue of license for light motor vehicle and heavy motor vehicle
  5. Lastly, driving license for road roller, trailer, dozer, cranes and transport vehicles.

In all types of licenses, the applicant must fill the RTO challan Ahmedabad to pay the fee. Further, Sarthi RTO Ahmedabad is a central government initiative to issue a driving license in India.

Types of vehicle registration in RTO Ahmedabad

There are only two types of vehicle registration in RTO Ahmedabad. Temporary and permanent vehicle registrations are the services offered by the office. A temporary vehicle registration number is issued by the seller for the car for new vehicle owners. However, this number is valid only for a short period.

Furthermore, all vehicles in India must be registered permanently. For permanent registration of vehicles, the vehicle owners must visit the RTO office. Also, the vehicle owner must pay charges through RTO Ahmedabad challan. Further, he can also get a choice number from RTO Ahmedabad for his vehicle by paying extra.

Procedure to Register New Vehicle in Ahmedabad

With the help of technology, people can register their new vehicles in Ahmedabad online. RTO Ahmedabad Vahan NIC can be visited to register vehicles digitally. The application form, charges and documents can be submitted through the Vahan portal. Further, the RTO Ahmedabad Vahan portal also provides services like renewal, permit, fitness certificate and transfer of vehicle ownership.

Furthermore, vehicle registration in Ahmedabad can also be done offline by visiting the office.

Required documents for vehicle registrations at RTO Ahmedabad

As mentioned before, vehicle registration in Ahmedabad takes place online and offline. Vahan portal is an important site for the online registration of vehicles. The documents that need to be submitted for vehicle registration are listed in the latter part of the article.

To begin with, the candidate applying for vehicle registration must take an RTO Ahmedabad appointment. Later on, the vehicle owner must submit the following documents.

  1. Application form – FORM 21
  2. The roadworthiness of the vehicle through FORM 22
  3. Insurance certificate for the vehicle
  4. Pollution under control certificate
  5. Address and Identity proof of the vehicle owner
  6. Sales receipt of the vehicle
  7. Temporary registration certificate (if any)
  8. Lastly, registration fee and road tax for the vehicle.

Procedure to Transfer the Ownership of the Vehicle within the Same Office in Ahmedabad

The applicant willing to transfer his vehicle must visit the RTO office. Further, the vehicle owner can also contact an RTO agent in Ahmedabad to get it transferred. After visiting the office, the person must fill and submit an application form.

The application form for the transfer of vehicle ownership in the same office is FORM 29 and 30. In addition to the application form, the person must also submit other documents. The documents to be submitted are Original RC, vehicle insurance, pollution certificate and vehicle owner details.

RTO Codes of Other Top Cities in India

City NameRTO Code
RTO BangaloreKA01, KA02, KA03, KA04, KA05
RTO MumbaiMH01, MH02, MH03
RTO ChennaiTN01, TN02, TN03, TN04, TN05, TN06, TN07, TN09, TN10
RTO LucknowUP32
RTO BhopalMP04
RTO PuneMH12
RTO DehradunUK07
RTO AhmedabadGJ01
RTO HyderabadTS09, TS10, TS11, TS12, TS13, TS14
RTO JaipurRJ14
RTO VadodaraGJ06
RTO SuratGJ05
RTO IndoreMP09
RTO GhaziabadUP14
RTO RajkotGJ03

RTO Codes for States in India

Name of the StateState RTO Code
Arunachal PradeshAR
Andhra PradeshAP
Himachal PradeshHP
Jammu & KashmirJK
Madhya PradeshMP
Tamil NaduTN
Uttar PradeshUP
West BengalWB

RTO Codes for Union Territories

Name of the Union TerritoryCode of RTO
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAN
Daman and DiuDD
Dadra and Nagar HaveliDN
National Capital Territory of DelhiDL