Pune is one of the cities in India that is rich in tradition and technology. The city of Pune is situated on the river banks of ‘Mutha’ and ‘Mula’. Everyone is familiar with the fact that Pune is the second IT hub in India.

In addition to IT companies, the city is rich in colleges and educational institutions. With such a great expansion in the city, there is a great increase in the usage of 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. Thus, to control all such vehicles in the city, Pune has two Regional Transport Offices. All such offices deal with crucial functions related to the vehicles in Pune. The RTO Pune is based on section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

The RTO Pune office is taking care of all functions of commercial and private vehicles. This Pune RTO works based on the rules and regulations of the Maharashtra State Vehicles Regulation. In this article, we will discuss the major functions of Pune RTO and other Pune RTO vehicle registration details.

Functions Of RTO Pune

Here are the functions of RTO Pune in detail. You will get all RTO Pune vehicle information easily.

Driving License: One of the mandatory documents that you need while driving on the roads of India is a driving license. So, the RTO Pune is responsible for taking care of such services such as:

  • Testing the driver before providing a driving license. If you are not knowing to drive a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, you can’t pass of RTO Pune learning license test
  • Issuing two types of licenses such as learning license and permanent license
  • Providing both categories of driving licenses such as Permanent License and Learner’s DL
  • In case of expiry of the license, you will get an RTO Pune license renewal service
  • In case of loss of existing license, one can get a duplicate license
  • Disqualifying your existing license
  • Issuing the Motor Driving School License and the renewal of the same
  • Changing any details of your current driving license

Registration Certificate: Some of the RTO Pune functions related to registration certificate includes:

  • Providing Temporary Registration Certificate to the 2-wheeler’s or 4-wheeler’s owners
  • Issuing No Objection Certificate for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle to another state
  • Registration of VIP numbers or Pune RTO choice number according to the wish of owners
  • Assigning the new registration mark (RMA)
  • Transferring the ownership of vehicles to another state or within the same state
  • Registering the outstate vehicles
  • One can get the duplicate RC in case of theft of the vehicle or any damage to it
  • The RTO Pune has the right to register the hypothecation of the vehicle in the loan provider’s name.

Vehicle Permit: Another responsibility of the Pune RTO is to take care of services related to the vehicle permits and the renewal of them. Here are the various types of permits issued by the RTO Pune:

  • Metered Motor Cab Permit
  • Non-Metered Motor Cab Permit
  • Maxi Cab Permit
  • Stage Carriage Permit
  • Goods Carriage Permit
  • Private Service Vehicle Permit
  • Tourist Cab Permit
  • National Permit
  • Auto Rickshaw Permit
  • Permit for tourist vehicle
  • Taxi Permit

Tax Collection: The RTO Pune is responsible to collect different taxes such as

  • Road Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Market Value Fees Collection

Other Functions: Some of the RTO Pune’s functions include

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Pollution Under Control Testing
  • Providing PUC Certificates
  • CNG or LPG vehicles’ registration
  • Converting Diesel or Petrol vehicles to CNG/LPG

RTO Pune Contact Details And Codes

Here is the list of RTO codes and contact details. For each RTO office, there is a Pune RTO code. To contact an RTO office in Pune, you can use the following details. The Maharashtra state has 50 RTO offices and the Pune city has two RTO offices among them. The following table also includes the Pune RTO number which you can use to contact them.

 RTO Code  RTO Address  RTO Number  E-mail ID  Office Timings
MH12 Regional Transport Office, 39, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Pune – 411001 020-26058282, 26058080 rto.12-mh@gov.in Morning 10.00 to Evening 5.00
MH12 S. No. 120/A-2, Alandi Road, Yerawada, Pune – 411006 020-26058555, 26057411 rto.12-mh@gov.in Morning 10.00 to Evening 5.00

Types Of Vehicle Registration In RTO Pune

RTO Office Pune provides two types of registration services for people in Pune. The registration is applicable for both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers.

  • Temporary Registration: The vehicle owner is eligible to get this registration at the time of purchasing the vehicle. But this registration will not come for a longer time and it is valid for just one month. Within this time, the owner has to get the permanent registration certificate for his/her vehicle. Visit the RTO Pune website for getting the procedure of registering your vehicle.
  • Permanent Registration: This registration certificate is important for all vehicles running on the roads of India. Pune RTO office is responsible to issue this registration as soon as the vehicle owner completes the procedure of registration. You can get the help of RTO Pune agents for getting RC.

 How To Register A Vehicle At Pune RTO?

One has to register your vehicle for traveling on the roads of India. According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory to register your vehicles before using them on roads. One has to pay an RTO Pune fine without having an RC while driving. RTO consultant Pune will guide you in getting the RC. For getting RC, one has to submit the following documents.

Documents Required For Registering A Vehicle In Pune

  • Application form or Form 20 for new registration
  • Form 22 or Roadworthiness certificate from the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • Sales certificate or Form 21 from the vehicle’s dealer
  • Identity proof documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc.
  • Address proof documents like Lease agreement or Ration card
  • Form 60 or PAN number
  • For carriage vehicles, submit the manufacturer’s certificate
  • Insurance document of your vehicle
  • For trailer vehicles, submit the STA’s approval certificate
  • Purchase invoice document
  • For imported vehicles, the customs bill is mandatory

With the above documents, fill the RTO challan Pune and pay the needed amount for registration. Once completing the above procedure, you can visit the Pune RTO website. On this website, enter your details to get the Pune RTO vehicle registration status.

How To Renew A Registration Certificate In Pune?

One has to drive on the roads of Pune with a valid RC. This will help you to avoid the Pune RTO fine. All private vehicles have to register once in 5 years, as the RC is valid for 5 years. For commercial vehicles, the valid period is 15 years. After this, one has to renew the RC. If you don’t renew it, you need to pay the RTO fine Pune. After doing the Pune RTO fine check, you need to fill the e-challan Pune RTO and pay it.

Documents Required For The Renewal Of RC In Pune

  • Form 25 or application form for renewal of RC
  • Original registration certificate
  • Valid insurance document
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Visit the RTO Pune for vehicle inspection
  • Fill the Pune RTO Challan and pay the re-registration fee

Once you submit the above documents, the Pune RTO will renew your RC.


This is all about the RTO services in Pune. In addition to the above services, the Government even introduced the Sarathi NIC.in. Sarathi NIC in Pune RTO is a software package where it maintains the database of vehicle licenses. Thus, you can visit the above article if you have any doubts related to RTO services in Pune.

RTO Codes of Other Top Cities in India

City NameRTO Code
RTO BangaloreKA01, KA02, KA03, KA04, KA05
RTO MumbaiMH01, MH02, MH03
RTO ChennaiTN01, TN02, TN03, TN04, TN05, TN06, TN07, TN09, TN10
RTO LucknowUP32
RTO BhopalMP04
RTO PuneMH12
RTO DehradunUK07
RTO AhmedabadGJ01
RTO HyderabadTS09, TS10, TS11, TS12, TS13, TS14
RTO JaipurRJ14
RTO VadodaraGJ06
RTO SuratGJ05
RTO IndoreMP09
RTO GhaziabadUP14
RTO RajkotGJ03

RTO Codes for States in India

Name of the StateState RTO Code
Arunachal PradeshAR
Andhra PradeshAP
Himachal PradeshHP
Jammu & KashmirJK
Madhya PradeshMP
Tamil NaduTN
Uttar PradeshUP
West BengalWB

RTO Codes for Union Territories

Name of the Union TerritoryCode of RTO
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAN
Daman and DiuDD
Dadra and Nagar HaveliDN
National Capital Territory of DelhiDL