RTO West Bengal or Regional Transport Office West Bengal is the main head that follows the rules and regulations as per the motor vehicles Act 1988. The RTO is considering and enforcing the different rules. It is working for the betterment of the transport services in West Bengal.

The main function of West Bengal RTO is to issue the registration certificate for every vehicle running on the roads of West Bengal. Other functions include issuing vehicle permits, collecting road taxes, providing DLs, etc.

Functions of RTO West Bengal:

RTO West Bengal performs several functions:

  1. The RTO WB is to issue the learner’s vehicle for learning the vehicle driving. Get your RTO West Bengal driving license from the RTO office.
  2. The WB RTO also has to issue a permanent license for new vehicles. To get the license, they will conduct an RTO exam West Bengal.
  3. To get the permanent registration of vehicles, one has to approach the RTO West Bengal.
  4. Even to get the temporary registration of vehicles, one needs to approach the RTO West Bengal.
  5. The RTO West Bengal has to issue the duplicate RC.
  6. If you want to change the address in your RC, the RTO WB will help you.
  7. To get a transfer of ownership in West Bengal, RTO WB will help you.
  8. The RTO WB has to issue the different types of permits in West Bengal for stage carriage.
  9. The WB RTO is issuing different permits such as special permits, temporary permits, tourist permits, national permits, etc.
  10. To get a fitness certificate for your commercial vehicles in West Bengal, one has to approach RTO WB.
  11. The RTO WB is responsible for collecting various road taxes.

West Bengal RTO List:

In West Bengal, there are many RTO offices in different areas. There are 80 RTO offices located in different areas of West Bengal. The details of such West Bengal RTO list are as follows:

RTO Locations RTO Code RTO Locations RTO Code
Kolkata WB01 Kalna WB44E
Kolkata WB02 Bolpur WB47
Kolkata WB03 Bolpur WB48
Kolkata WB04 Nadia WB51
Kolkata WB05 Nadia WB52
Kolkata WB06 Birbhum WB53
Kolkata WB07 Birbhum WB54
Kolkata Salt Lake WB08 Purulia WB55
Howrah WB11 Purulia WB56
Howrah WB12 Murshidabad WB57
Howrah Uluberia WB13 Murshidabad WB58
Howrah Uluberia WB14 Raiganj WB59
Hooghly WB15 Raiganj WB60
Hooghly WB16 Balurghat WB61
Hooghly WB17 Balurghat WB62
Chandannagar WB18 Cooch Behar WB63
Alipore, South 24 Parganas WB19 Cooch Behar WB64
Alipore, South 24 Parganas WB20 Malda WB65
Alipore, South 24 Parganas WB22 Malda WB66
Barrackpore WB23 Bankura WB67
Barrackpore WB24 Bankura WB68
Barasat WB25 Alipurduar WB69
Barasat WB26 Alipurduar WB70
Tamluk WB29 Jalpaiguri WB71
Tamluk WB30 Jalpaiguri WB72
Contai WB31 Siliguri WB73
Contai WB32 Siliguri WB74
Midnapur WB33 Darjeeling WB76
Midnapur WB34 Kalimpong WB77
Asansol WB37 Kalimpong WB78
Asansol WB38 Raghunathpur WB79
Durgapur WB39 Mathabhanga WB82
Durgapur WB40 Mathabhanga WB86
Burdwan WB41 Kalyani WB89
Burdwan WB42 Kalyani WB90
Kalna WB43 Islampur WB91
Asansol WB44 Islampur WB92
Asansol WB44A Jangipur, (Murshidabad District) WB93
Asansol WB44B Jangipur (Murshidabad) WB94
Asansol WB44C Baruipur WB96
Asansol WB44D Darjeeling WB77

Types Of Vehicle Insurance In West Bengal:

There are two types of WB RTO registration process in West Bengal. They are temporary registration and permanent registration. At the time of purchasing a vehicle, one can get a temporary registration from the dealer. But this is for a limited period. On the other hand, one can get a permanent RC from the RTO West Bengal. This type of West Bengal RTO registration is valid for 15 years. After the expiry of this RC, one has to renew this policy at RTO.

Vehicle Registration In West Bengal:

In West Bengal, no vehicle owner is allowed to drive his/her vehicle unless they register their vehicle. One can’t drive on the roads of WB without registering the vehicle.

To register the vehicle, one has to fill the application form. Don’t forget to submit the documents with the application form. To know which documents you need to submit, reach the West Bengal RTO online. After making verification by the RTO, the transport department will issue you the registration certificate with a registration number.

Documents Required For Registering A Vehicle In West Bengal:

Here are the documents that you need for registering a vehicle in West Bengal:

  • Form 20 which is filled completely
  • Form 21 or Sales Certificate from the dealer
  • Address proof documents of the vehicle owner like residential agreement, Aadhar card, PAN card, etc.
  • Form 22 certificate from the vehicle manufacturer
  • Vehicle Insurance Document
  • Form 34 is needed for the vehicles on loan due
  • Temporary registration copy
  • For transport type of vehicle, garage address is needed
  • Other mandatory documents

The RTO West Bengal has to verify the needed documents for the inspection of the vehicle. Based on the final report, you will get the registration number. One can get a fancy number from the RTO office.

Renewal Of Registration Card In West Bengal:

Like temporary registration, the validity period applies to permanent registration too. One has to renew it after 15 years from the date of registration. To avoid penalties while driving on roads, the vehicle owner has to submit the fitness certificate after 2 years. One has to renew the expired RC by submitting the following documents.

  • Form 25 Application Form
  • Address Proof Documents
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Road tax paid proof
  • Insurance Certificate Copies
  • Pollution under control certificate

The RTO office will inspect your vehicle. After finding your vehicle fit to drive on roads, you will get the renewal certificate for 5 years validity.

What Is The Procedure Of Transferring Vehicle Ownership?

To transfer the ownership of your vehicle, the owner has to apply for the RTO West Bengal. Submit the following documents for transferring the ownership of your vehicle.

  • Form No. 29 RTO West Bengal
  • Form No. 30
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Insurance document
  • Address proof documents
  • Attested Copy of PUC
  • Tax paid proof
  • PAN card details of both seller and buyer
  • Offer letter in the buyer name for commercial vehicles
  • Surrender permit receipt from R.T.A/S.T.A for commercial vehicles
  • Fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

Transfer Of Ownership In Case Of Death:

If the vehicle owner dies, one has to transfer the ownership after submitting the following documents. Moreover, the documents required are the same for this procedure too. Only the form varies in this procedure. Get the RTO vehicle information West Bengal by logging into the WB RTO website.

  • Form No. 31 with NOC from the financier
  • Death certificate of the vehicle owner
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Succession Certificate
  • Application Fee
  • Insurance document
  • Address proof documents
  • Attested Copy of PUC
  • Tax paid proof
  • PAN card details of both seller and buyer
  • Offer letter in the buyer name for commercial vehicles
  • Surrender permit receipt from R.T.A/S.T.A for commercial vehicles
  • Fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

How To Update A New Address In RC In West Bengal?

After changing your present address, one has to update the same in the RC too. To start this process, one has to submit the NOC or Form 28 RTO West Bengal. Get this form from your previous registering authority. If such changes are based on a state, one has to update the RC number according to the local RC number. To start this procedure, you need the following documents.

  • Address proof documents
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Form 27 for other state vehicles
  • Form 28 from the registered source
  • Tax paid proof
  • NOC from traffic police
  • For commercial address, submit the garaging address
  • NOC from the financier for loan vehicles
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Insurance Document

How To Get A Duplicate Certificate In West Bengal?

In case you lost the original RC, you should apply for the duplicate RC. You need to submit the following documents for getting a duplicate certificate in West Bengal.

  • Form 26 or application form for getting duplicate RC
  • NOC from traffic police
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Insurance document
  • FIR for lost RC

How To Get Vehicle Insurance In West Bengal?

Based on the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, one has to get insurance for his/her vehicle compulsorily. The minimum insurance that you get will protect you in the event of property damage or the death of the insured person. For optimum insurance protection, one has to go with comprehensive vehicle insurance. Just visit the West Bengal RTO website to get this insurance.

Without valid insurance, no vehicles are allowed on the roads of India. One can get vehicle insurance for a minimum period of one year. You can renew it or go for long-term policies.

Contact Details of West Bengal RTO

For getting RC or to renew the RC or getting a driving license, visit the RTO office West Bengal. Here are the contact details that you need for communicating with officials in RTO WB. You can clarify your queries by reaching the RTO West Bengal website.

Address: Public Vehicles Department 38, Beltala Road, West Bengal, West Bengal – 700020

Phone: + (91)-33-24751621 / 24751622

RTO Codes of Other States of India

Name of the StateState RTO Code
Arunachal PradeshAR
Andhra PradeshAP
Himachal PradeshHP
Jammu & KashmirJK
Madhya PradeshMP
Tamil NaduTN
Uttar PradeshUP
West BengalWB

RTO Codes for Union Territories

Name of the Union TerritoryCode of RTO
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAN
Daman and DiuDD
Dadra and Nagar HaveliDN
National Capital Territory of DelhiDL

RTO Codes for Top Cities in India

City NameRTO Code
RTO BangaloreKA01, KA02, KA03, KA04, KA05
RTO MumbaiMH01, MH02, MH03
RTO ChennaiTN01, TN02, TN03, TN04, TN05, TN06, TN07, TN09, TN10
RTO LucknowUP32
RTO BhopalMP04
RTO PuneMH12
RTO DehradunUK07
RTO AhmedabadGJ01
RTO HyderabadTS09, TS10, TS11, TS12, TS13, TS14
RTO JaipurRJ14
RTO VadodaraGJ06
RTO SuratGJ05
RTO IndoreMP09
RTO GhaziabadUP14
RTO RajkotGJ03